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Salasar Balaji or Salasar Dham is a place of worship for devotees of Lord Hanuman Ji.It is situated along the National Highway 668 in Churu district in Rajasthan, India. Each year, large events are held during those months Chaitra (March-April) as well as Ashwin (September through October). Hanuman Temple Hanuman Temple is located in the center of Salasar town.Salasar is part of Churu district located in Rajasthan and is situated on the highway Jaipur-Bikaner. 

Salasar Dham is a popular destination for Indian worshippers all time of the year. It is also a popular destination for pilgrims on Chaitra Poornima as well as Ashvin Purnima big fairs occur in the area , where over 6 to 7 thousands of people gather in a show of respect to the god. Hanuman Sewa Samiti oversees the administration of the Temple and fair. There are a variety of Dharamshalas to stay in and Indian eateries to eat in. Salasar Dham is located inside Salasar city.

History of Salasar Balaji

Salasar Dham History

Mohandas Mohandas younger son of the Pt. Lachiramji who was who was a resident of Rulyani village in Sikar was a saintly man from the time of his childhood. From the beginning his mind was immersed in satsang and devotional worship. When he was born, birth, astrologers predicted that the child would be a breathtaking saint with his own name around the world. The sister of Mohandas Kanhi had a wedding in Salasar village. She became widowed when she had her sole boy, Uday.

Mohandas ji moved to Salasar to help support his nephew and sister. He began living with them. Thanks to his tireless work, Kanhi’s fields began emitting gold. The deprivation clouds were gone and everyone began finding shelter in his home. Nephew Uday was also growing into a man and was married off. A few days ago, uncle-nephew and his wife were working in the field when somebody stole Gandasa from Mohandas’s hands and then tossed the item away. Mohandas returned with Gandasa and began to work however, this time someone stole Gandasa and then threw it away. It happened a number of times.

Uday was looking out from afar. He walked up to his mother and advised Mama to lay down for a bit of time, however Mohandas ji claimed that someone is grabbing Gandasa from his hands and throwing it away. Later in later in the evening Uday spoke about this issue with mother Kanhi. Kanhi believed that if we got the brother marriedand everything would be in order. When Mohandas discovered this, he told him that the woman with whom he was going to discuss my wedding will pass away. This is exactly what occurred. The girl Mohandas was discussing to marry, suddenly died.After this, Kanhi was unable to insist on the brother’s marriage. Mohandas Ji observed a fast of celibacy, and began taking a break in Bhajan-Kirtan.

A few days ago, Kanhi was at the table with her son and brother when a man asked for money at the door. It took a while for Kanhi’s to leave. When she finally arrived her destination, she saw only the shadow. Mohandas Ji also chased following him, knowing the truth about Balaji himself. Kanhi was deeply sorry for the delay. She began to urge Mohandas ji to get Balaji’s darshan. Mohandas Ji advised him to wait.

After one-and-a-half years, an sage said Narayan Hari, Narayan Hari and Kanhi listened to it. fled and headed towards Mohandas ji. When Mohandas was at the door, you find? Balaji dressed in sage who was there until now. Mohandas quickly chased the man and laid on his knees and apologised for the delay. Then Balaji was seen in his true form and said : I am sure Mohandas that you always sing My name with a pure heart.I am extremely grateful for your unwavering devotion. I will meet your every desire, just say.

Mohdnas Ji said with humility – You give darshan on behalf of my daughter Kanhi. Devotee Vatsal Balaji was able to accept the request and stated I will be seated in the Holy Seat and enjoy the pleasure that comes with Kheer and Churma together with sugary sweets. Devotee Shiromani mohandas took Saprem Balaji to his home as well as his sister and brother in admiration and respect gave him their favorite food. After relaxing on a gorgeous as well-maintained bed and being satisfied with the love and devotion of sister and brother, Balaji told everyone that no one would dare to cast my shadow upon himself.

Anything that is presented with reverence I will accept the offer with love and honor every wish of my devotee . And I will remain at this Salasar spot. In saying this, Balaji was furious and the deeds of the devotees’ brothers and sister were committed.

Since the time, Mohandas ji sat in the solitude of a Shami tree with a bench. He made a vow of silence. The people began calling him the name Bavaliya and claiming he was insane. A few days ago, while in the shade of the Mohandas Shami tree Dhuni Rama was praising God when the tree suddenly appeared filled with fruit. As the Jat son was climbing the same Shami tree in order to pluck the fruits, some of them dropped onto Mohandas Ji in a out of panic. He believed that no bird had suffered injuries from falling off the tree however, when he looked up, he saw Jat’s son Jat who was climbing the tree.

It was clear that the Jat son was shaking in terror. Mohandas ji shook him out of his terror and asked him to go down.On getting down the Jat son said that when his mother refused, the father instructed him to take Shami fruit. He said mad bavaliya can devour you in a small amount. In the end, Baba Mohandas ji said to inform his father that anyone who eats such fruits will not be able to survive. However, Jat took Baba’s words as a joke. According to legend, Jat was killed when he ate the fruit. Since the time the seeds of devotion to Baba Mohandas has sprouted in the minds of the masses and, after a series of amazing events, grew to grow into the tree.

A nephew Uday noticed Baba’s body had massive claw marks. If he inquired, Baba did not respond. Then it was discovered it was the case that Baba Mohandas and Balaji often played wrestling, as well as other sports , and Balaji’s shadow associated at Baba Mohandas ji. In the wake of such events the popularity that was Baba Mohandas kept on spreading throughout the surrounding villages. People began coming to see Baba Mohandas.

The prior Salasar was part of the Bikaner state. At that time, the administration of villages fell into the hands of Thakurs. The responsibility of taking care of Salasar and the surrounding villages was held by Thakur Dheeraj Singh of Shobhasar. Then one day, he received an alert that said a massive band of bandits was on the move towards him in pursuit of looting. He didn’t have enough time to obtain assistance from the military at Bikaner. In the end, following his advice from Thakur Salam Singh of Salasar and Thakur Salam Singh of Salasar, both reached the refuge that was the residence of Baba Mohandas and pleaded for assistance.

Baba was adamant and instructed that they should blow up the bandits’ flag by using the name Balaji since victory is the main power of an army. The Thakurs followed the same procedure. They took his name as Balaji and then blew up the bandits’ ensign using the sword. He fell on his feet. This was how the respect of both of them toward Mohandas ji grew more and more. In that exact moment, Baba Mohandas resolved to build an immense temple to Balaji there.

Salam Singh also decided to participate fully in the building of the temple. He also sent an email to his father-in law Champawat who lived in Asota and asked him to deliver his idol to Balaji. This event is from 1754.was


The establishment of the Salasar Balaji temple:

Here at Asota village, an agriculturalist was plowing his fields in Brahmamuhurta. The fruits of the plowing hit the object. After digging, he saw an idol emerge. He pulled out the idol, put it down and Pramoda didn’t pay any attention to the idol. He returned to his job. There was an instant stomachache and he fell over and began crying. His wife ran. The farmer, crying in pain, spoke of getting rid of the statue of stone, as well as the intense pain that was affecting his stomach.The wife of the farmer was smart. She came to the statue, and was respectfully washing its dirt using her lap, she saw the magnificent scene of courageous Hanuman taking Ram along with Lakshman on his shoulders. He erected the black stone idol next to an oak tree, and offered prasad as many as he could, pleading for forgiveness. As if a miracle occurred, the farmer woke up and healthy.The news of the miracle was ablaze in the entire village. Thakur Champawat from Asota visited and brought the idol to his home. The same night, Balaji appeared to Thakur in a dream and instructed that the statue be transported to Salasar. The next daytime, Thakur Champawat took the idol to Salasar in a bullock carriage decorated with a hymn-troupe to ensure the security of his workers. In the same evening, Balaji also appeared to the worshipper Shiromani Mohandas ji and said that I will be appearing as an idol made of black stone to make good on my promise.In the early morning, Thakur Salam Singh and numerous villagers greeted the idol together with Baba Mohandas ji and in 1754, on the day of the Shukla Navami festival, on the Saturday of the month, the shrine of Hanuman Ji was inaugurated with full-on rituals.A devotee Shiromani Mohandas Ji got so completely absorbed by Bhagvat Bhajan during Shravan Dwadashi Tuesday that he totally adorned the idol vermilion and ghee, and did not even realize what was happening. The earlier-seen form that he was carrying Shri Ram and Lakshmana on his shoulders disappeared. In the place, a beard, a moustache and a tilak around the head, a thick eyebrow gorgeous eyes, and a magnificent appearance wearing a mace over the mountain started to be observed.Then, the construction work at the temple continued to progress along the way of development.

Inside the Salasar Balaji Temple:

In Indian culture, in order to achieve the attainment of material pleasure and spiritual bliss which is the ultimate goal of all human existence There is a legal requirement to honor a variety of gods, with Panchdev is the most important. Shri Hanuman ji is the most brilliant of the gods of five. There is a specific reference to the worship to Shri Hanuman ji in seven crore mantras found in old texts. Shri Ram Bhakta, Rudra Avatar, Surya, Disciple, Vayu. Putra, Kesari. Nandana is also known by the names of Mahabala, Shri Balaji, and Hanuman Ji, who is born out of the womb Mother Anjani contains the radiance of five gods.Hanuman is worshipped throughout India and is considered to be the god of the masses. Everyone who worships Hanuman without distinction have the right to Archana. Because of his incredible power Hanuman has been awarded the title of Balaji. There is a distinct tradition of worshipping Hanuman Ji in each region of the nation. Veer. Bhoomi Rajasthan has many renowned temples dedicated to Hanuman Ji, who is also called  Balaji or ‘Babash’ where the mystical Shri Balaji temple in Salasar is of special significance.

 Salasar is situated in the Sujangarh Tehsil of Churu district of Rajasthan state. It is located about 25 kilometers away from Sujangarh The His Holiness region of Salasar is located among desert ravines. Shri Balaji is found throughout Salasar. Shri Balaji Mandir is a magnificent and enormous temple that was built within the Rajasthani style.

 The magnificent Statue that is Shri Balaji is sitting upon a golden chair inside the temple. The upper portion of the temple is Shri Ram’s court , and in the lower section Shri Ram’s feet have been adorned with beards. Mustache Hanuman is sitting in the shape in the form of Shri Balaji. The primary idol is made of Shaligram stone that has been decorated using ocher and gold. This Balaji model is beautiful, stunning and stunning. The statue is embellished with gold and a magnificent crown adorned with gold gems is provided. A golden umbrella made from around 5kg of gold is also set by the sculpture.

Anjani Mata Temple Salasar Dham:

Anjani Mata Madir

The well-known shrine of Anjani Mata situated within Salasar is a significant pilgrimage centre not just in Rajasthan but it also attracts devotees from across India.

The temple of Shri Anjani Mata is located within a distance of approximately two kilometers along the road connecting Salasar Dham to Laxmangarh. In the statue of the mother in the shrine, Hanumanji is sitting in his child’s lap, on the lap of his mother.

Anjani Mata Shankh and Suhag-Kalash in her quadrupedal appearance in which is the worship for Balaji Hanuman and his mother Anjani may be done simultaneously.

It is said that person who visits Salasar and worships them with an honest heart. All his desires are granted. The temple’s founder is the Shri Pannaramji Pareek. His wife died during his early years. He then was taken to Prayag and began meditating and praising its banks along the Ganges. One day Hanumanji happy by his devotion to God was seen in a dream and commanded you to go to my house in Salasar.

Then, in Salasar Dham, inspired by the spirit of philanthropy and the spirit of philanthropy, he began giving cold water to pilgrims to help them relax. In the same way as he served Anjaninandan as well as Anjanimata with reverence, he was completely absorbed in their meditation.

In 1963 the Sikar King had the temple upgraded in accordance with the directions given by Pandit ji. The unique fame that is associated with this Anjani Mata temple is for fulfilling the wishes of newlyweds and married women. newlyweds. Suhagan women visit here and make honey and coconut offerings to ensure the success of their marriage and family life.

All over the world, people are invited to send their first invitation letters of weddings at the temple. In order that, by the grace of Anjani Mata not only is the wedding successful , but the newlyweds are blessed with all sorts of happiness.

Mohandas ji's Samadhi in Salasar Dham

Mohan Das ji Maharaj

Just a few yards from the front of The Temple there is the Samadhi location of Mohandasji and the place where, following his demise Kanibai Mohandasji was laid to rest in the Samadhi. The samadhi that Kanibai was buried in is close to. Smoke is present in this temple. The dhuna was burnt near the temple of Shri Balaji by Bhaktapravar Shri Mohandasji Maharaj with his hands. The dhuni remains burning since the day it was lit for the first time until this day.

Devotees consume Bhabhuti (Bhasma) off of the dust and use it to alleviate their problems. There is a belief that Vibhuti will eliminate all the worries of devotees. People who believe with an open heart have been observed to receive unmistakable advantages.

Mohandasji’s ring-of-wear is also found in the temple. According to legend, There were 2 closets occupied by Mohandasji where the never-ending grain was stocked however, Mohandasji’s directive was that nobody should look into them without the doors. Then, someone disobeyed the instruction, and the miraculous condition of the cells ended.