Easiest Way to Learn & Remember Hanuman Chalisa

This is very common question that how to learn hanuman Chalisa easily. There is a lot of information available on the Hindu God Lord Hanuman. It includes how to worship him and connect with him. How to Learn and remember Hanuman Chalisa FAST is a common oversight. This blog post will provide some tips and tricks to help you to know how to learn hanuman chalisa easily.

In this post, we teach you how to learn Hanuman Chalisa and remember it permanently. It also includes audio practice recordings and a PDF copy of the entire text. This course is suitable for all levels and ages. The correct pronunciation will be taught to you

It is well-known that if you write something, and then try to remember it, it makes it easier to store it in your brain. It is important to remember a lot of information because the brain processes it deeply.

how to learn hanuman chalisa
Steps to learn Hanuman Chalisa

Things to Focus to learn Hanuman Chalisa:

  1. You can listen to someone reading the Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics. This will help you with your pronunciation. There are many videos on YouTube.
  2. Learn the meanings of every verse in the Chalisa.
  3. Write the lyrics of Hanuman Chalisa on a piece paper each day to remember the verses.
  4. It is a good idea to read it and close your eyes. Then, practice reciting the verses loudly in your head.
  5. Continue repeating steps 3 through 4 until you are able to recite all verses correctly.
  6. To reinforce the lessons you have just learned, recite or sing the Hanuman Chalisa lyrics daily.

How I learned Hanuman Chalisa

My Friend taught me the lyrics of Hanuman Chalisa & how to learn hanuman chalisa at an early age. I was lucky to be able to chant it every day since then.

I took an A4-sized sheet and folded it in half. Then I wrote Hanuman Chalisa. Let me demonstrate Below.

how to learn Hanuman chalisa
Hanuman chalisa written

Then i Followed the steps below And i learnt hanuman chalisa.

Steps to Learn Hanuman Chalisa

  • Step 1 – Open https://shrihanumanchalisa.in (here you will get Hanuman Chalisa lyrics)
  • Step 2 – Bookmark the opened page.
  • Step 3 – Now Chant by reading from above page (with Full Devotion)
  • Step 4 -Read regularly for 30 Days.
  • Step 5 – Done now you know that How to learn hanuman chalisa.

How you Should learn Hanuman Chalisa:

First, spirituality is not a race. It’s something that can be learned slowly and steadily.

Focus on the Chalisa’s actual words and take your time learning the Chalisa properly. Do not rush!

Bhakti (devotion) is not a shortcut. At the end of this you will confident about how to learn hanuman chalisa.

Hanuman Chalisa In hindi Download
Hanuman Chalisa learning

The best way to learn Hanuman Chalisa lyrics we believe is to memorize each Hanuman Chalisa verse every day. We recommend reciting it at least 100 times and ideally, 108 times until you are proficient.

One chaupai (verse) per day. Next, move on to the next one.

Each line of Shri Hanuman Chaisa is a mahamantra, so make sure you say it correctly to reap the blessings and benefits of Shri Hanuman Ji.


So i hope now that you know how to learn hanuman chalisa . Actually Hanuman Chalisa was composed by Goswami, a 16th century poet from north India.

We will travel together through the 40-verse hymn, The Hanuman Chalisa. This devotional prayer is widely chanted in India and all over the globe.

You can listen to the chant “Hanuman Chalisa” here at Insight Timer for free. Hanuman, as described in Ramayana and Ramacharitmanasa is considered the perfect devotee to the divine presence of Sri Ram and an embodiment intelligence, wisdom and courage.

As we invoke his qualities through this prayer, we also remind ourselves that we are all reflections of Hanuman. We can find the same qualities of perfection within our hearts.

This prayer is referred to as ‘maha-mantra’, meaning it has the power to transform us from within. It helps us overcome obstacles and obscurations that hinder our true nature of love. This prayer is part of the bhakti (devotional yoga tradition). The lyrics are written in an ancient language, Awadhi.

Listening to small groups of verses, and then adding them together, will help us build the foundation necessary for understanding the entire prayer. Thanks to read our guide on how to learn hanuman chalisa.