The Chosen one cast Hidden Facts

The Wall Street Journal reported that two actors from "The Chosen One," a Netflix series, were killed in a crash on Mexico.

According to Netflix, the accident happened while transiting from Santa Rosalia airport to Santa Rosalia.

Six others sustained injuries in a Mexican road accident.

The accident claimed the lives of actors Raymundo Gurdano and Juan Francisco Aguilar

Press reported that crew and cast members were in a van which crashed. Netflix temporarily halted production.

According to Netflix, the accident did not occur on set.

“The Chosen One,”

is about a 12- time-old boy who learns he's the returned Jesus Christ, fated to save humankind.

There are the shocking Deep meaning behind The chosen One

"The Chosen One", the first man in Bible  nicknamed Adam-I-Safi

They're the only human who can save the town, world / galaxy

Chosen One is a storytelling trope or idea that repeats and come again & again

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