Shocking ! Facts about Vidyasagar

Tamil actress Meena"s Husband and Truth behind his death and mystery

He died at a private Chennai hospital on Monday late night.Vidyasagar, Meena's beloved husband. It's very shocking for her fans.

Vidyasagar was the husband of Meena, a well-known Tamil actress, and he was suffered from a serious dieses.

He was 48. Sources close to Vidyasagar said that Vidyasagar had been diagnosed with a lung disease.  he was exposed to pigeon droppings infected with air. 

In March he was admitted to hospital and his treatment is supposed to be done soon. But due to Covid-19 infection it wasn't done yet.

Vidyasagar worked as a businessman in Bengaluru, And he is a software Engineer by Profession. As per sources he is very talented and caring person

He married Meena in 2009 and they had a ten years old only daughter, Nainika. His daughter is missing her father very much

13 years of love, support and devotion but Meena rejected Vidyasagar her late husband. Meena and her daughter said no one will fill the space. 

Meena has often shared with us that her husband was a loving and caring spouse.He was a tremendous support to her after she got married and when she pursued her movie and television career.

The talented actress said that Vidyasagar was the best horoscope to match her when she was searching for a groom for her family.