Out of the $62.5 billion invested across DeFi as of this writing, nearly $36 billion is on Ethereum's blockchain.

But despite the competition, Ethereum is one cryptocurrency that investors should never consider selling (CRYPTO: ETH)

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that, in a similar way to Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC), altered how we think about money in the modern day.

In numerous aspects, Ethereum differs from Bitcoin. But one person in particular is in charge of decentralised finance, often known as DeFi

which is arguably the biggest innovation to come out of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

But these conventional financial procedures are progressively being replaced by Ethereum and its cutting-edge smart-contract technology.

DeFi's core technology, smart contracts, are what set Ethereum apart from other platforms. Furthermore, every transaction is real-time and totally transparent.

Furthermore, every transaction is real-time and totally transparent. 

The blockchain also offers the benefit of enabling anyone with an internet connection to see network activity once a transaction is added.

the benefit of being first The majority of the market share in the DeFi industry is held by Ethereum, which was the first blockchain to support smart contracts.

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