Types of bets, odds, and features of cricket betting

Cricket is only getting more popular every day. If a couple of years ago, only a few countries accepted bets on this sport, then today most bookmakers provide such an opportunity.

Like any sport, cricket has its own peculiarities and rules. The main secret to success is collecting all the information about the upcoming match. It is important to study not only statistics, analyze teams, and analyze conditions on the field, but also choose a bookmaker with a large selection of bets and good odds.


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What events can bet you on online

Fortunately, the popularity of this sport allows us to count on the fact that in the painting of matches we will meet traditional markets with a large number of meanings, such as:

  • Bets on the outcome of the winner;
  • Handicap;
  • Total;
  • Player indicators (how many points a particular player scored or made an over, etc.);
  • Match statistics (sometimes, good exclusive markets with high traffic are added);
  • Betting on segments of the game (innings);
  • The bet on the draw (before the match, to determine the team that will be the first to submit it is accepted using a coin toss. This market can be compared with even or odd in other sports since the probability of winning is 50-50).

At the same time, other markets are always added to the painting, which appear from time to time, depending on the status of the match.

Match selection and preparation for the bet

In order to be sure of passing your cricket bet, you always need to do a qualitative analysis of the upcoming meeting. So, it is better to choose top matches with well-known teams for earnings, since in such fights you can easily get the necessary information. It can be found on the Internet at sports sites. In addition, many bookmakers provide this information. Just go to the website and read everything you need—statistics, analysis, or the upcoming match.

By the way, for the information itself, you need to find the one that will evaluate these parameters:

  • Statistics of the last matches between the teams. So, you can understand what the team is capable of, and with which opponents it has a good chance;
  • Tournament format. This is an important factor, since the conditions of each tournament may differ;
  • The status of the tournament and the motivation of the teams to win it. Naturally, everyone wants to win in a higher league, but losing to a weak team can ruin a reputation;
  • Weather conditions. It is necessary to evaluate in order to understand not only how the match will take place, but also whether it will take place at all;
  • Playing at home or away. On their own field, most teams play more confidently;
  • The state of the field itself. This factor can prevent a strong team from winning;
  • The latest news in the media.

Having studied these criteria, you can easily start betting on this amazing sport, and count on a good income. So don’t be lazy, and collect as much information as possible.

The choice of the team that will serve first depends on how the lot is thrown. On this outcome, they offer to place a bet in a bookmaker’s office. As you understand, it is almost impossible to predict the outcome of this event, and the chances are 50%.

Thanks to this, bookmakers offer quite high penalties for both scenarios.

As practice shows, many betters have long earned good money with the help of cricket, so you can also succeed, and it’s not worth putting off this way of earning.